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By Max Silberztein

This booklet is on the very center of linguistics. It offers the theoretical and methodological framework had to create a profitable linguistic project.

Potential functions of descriptive linguistics comprise spell-checkers, clever se's, details extractors and annotators, computerized precis manufacturers, computerized translators, and extra. those functions have enormous monetary power, and it's for that reason very important for linguists to use those applied sciences and for you to give a contribution to them.

The writer offers linguists with instruments to assist them formalize traditional languages and reduction within the development of software program in a position to instantly approach texts written in average language (Natural Language Processing, or NLP).

Computers are an essential device for this, as characterizing a phenomenon utilizing mathematical principles ends up in its formalization. NooJ – a linguistic improvement surroundings software program built via the writer – is defined and virtually utilized to examples of NLP.

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Formalizing natural languages: the NooJ approach

This ebook is on the very middle of linguistics. It offers the theoretical and methodological framework had to create a winning linguistic venture. strength purposes of descriptive linguistics contain spell-checkers, clever se's, details extractors and annotators, computerized precis manufacturers, computerized translators, and extra.


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Introduction: the Project 31 Although the number of sentences in a language is infinite, it is nevertheless possible to describe it, starting by using a finite number of basic linguistic elements (letters, morphemes, or words), which I will do in Part 1 of this book. Chapter 2 shows how to formalize the alphabet of a language; Chapter 3 discusses how to delineate its vocabulary; and Chapter 4 shows how to formalize a vocabulary using electronic dictionaries. Next we must equip ourselves with mechanisms for describing how those basic linguistic elements combine to construct higher-level elements (word forms, phrases or sentences).

Edu. shtml. net. com PART 1 Linguistic Units In this part I will demonstrate how to define, characterize, and formalize the basic linguistic units that comprise the alphabet (Chapter 2) and vocabulary (Chapter 3) of a language. The description of vocabulary, which has a long linguistic tradition, is generally achieved through the construction of dictionaries. I show in Chapter 4 that traditional linguistic descriptions are not suitable for our project: to formalize languages, we will need to construct dictionaries of a new kind: electronic dictionaries.

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