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Madubbar/ 'spoken'; and occasionally before /tl/, as seen from examples like /nrheS/ 'guess' vs. /dibber/" 'speak'. Biblical /r/ behaved just like / ? / in this respect, as in /berex/ 'bless' vs. /dibber/, but participated in none of the other processes noted below, so that synchronic discussion of /r/ as a "guttural-like" element is largely irrelevant. 13 T h e glottal stop / ? / could never close a syllable. +ti/ -> [masati] 'I found'. ar] 'boy'; /Sahr/ -> [Satlar] 'dawn'; / t o ? ar] 'appearance'; /tohr/ -*• [tohar] 'purity'.

Ps- [putar] [butal] [kubad] [mefutar] [mevutal] [mexubad] [yefutar] [yevutal] [yexubad] 'be fired' 'be cancelled' 'be respected' paal, B-l: [y if tax] [yiftot] [yivrax] [yivdok] [yixtov] [yixrot] open 'take off (clothing)' 'run away' 'check' 'write' 'cut off Even this restricting of Spirantization to only three conjugations does not seem to be sufficiently motivated, however. Quite often, whenever there seems to be a tendency for alternation to occur within the same inflectional class, the opposite tendency is also attested — namely, analogizing from one form to another within the same paradigm.

A result of such surface opacities has been that contemporary usage deviates from the historical norm in forms not directly covered by (i) through (v) above. In some cases, Spirantization is not applied where expected — in the colloquial usage of most native speakers, in any event. The following examples are taken from Ben-Horin and Bolozky 1972 (the first form in each case being the stem form of the second — see fn. 2 Non-Phonetically [birber] [pitpet] [kines] [bilef] [kivec] [karax] ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Conditioned Alternations 35 [lebarber] 'to talk nonsense' [lepatpet] 'to talk a lot' [yekanes] 'he will convene' [lebalef] 'to lie (Slang)' [tekavec] 'you will shrink (Trans)' [yikrox] 'he will bind' Moreover, forms like the following seem to be in free variation in colloquial usage: [lexaven] ~ [lekaven] 'to aim' (cf.

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