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Denmark and the Crusades, 1400-1650 (The Northern World)

This ground-breaking research of the position of crusading in late-medieval and early glossy Denmark argues that crusading had an enormous impression on political and spiritual lifestyles in Scandinavia throughout the center a while, which persevered lengthy after the Reformation ostensibly must have placed an finish to its viability inside of Protestant Denmark.

The Earth and Its Peoples: A Global History, Brief Edition

Two-thirds the size of the full Fourth variation, this short model of The Earth and Its Peoples: a world background keeps its significant issues and its really international point of view on international historical past. this article specializes in the interplay of people and their setting, utilizing this critical subject to match diversified occasions, locations, and societies.

Coup: Reflections on the Political Crisis in Fiji

May perhaps 19, 2000. Fiji’s democratically elected multiracial executive is hijacked by way of a bunch of armed gunmen led through George Speight, and held hostage for 50 days. Suva, the capital, is torched and looted as Speight’s supporters assemble at the lawns of the parliamentary advanced, dancing, cooking meals, celebrating the purported abrogation of the structure that introduced the People’s Coalition executive to energy.

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WPT to access power from terrestrial renewable sources and from solar energy in space will ensure that the benefits of placing increasing reliance on solar energy will sustain life on earth. "It may be that in the future, man will be indifferent to stars except as spectacles, but if (and this seems more probable) energy is still needed, the stars cannot be allowed to continue in their old way, but will be turned into efficient heat engines. 42 Power From Space NOTES 1. , "Power from the Sun: Its Future," Science, Vol.

8 Output power vs. 000 0 2 4 6 8 Water Flow • ft/sec. Ex. 9 Turbine efficiency Tip ratio Vt /V, where Vt is the linear velocity of the turbine blade, is dependent on the magnitude of the loading torque. 2. OCEAN POWER FARMS Helical turbines can be used as the key power modules in the design of ocean power farms for harvesting the energy of ocean streams. Such farms, if built in major ocean streams, such as the Gulf Stream near the North American continent or the Kuroshiwo Current near Japan, can produce hundreds or even thousands of megawatts of electric power.

The World Petroleum Life-Cycle: Encircling The Production Peak," Space Manufacturing 11, The Challenge of Space: Past and Future. Space Studies Institute, Princeton, NJ, 1997, p. 275. 5. De Laurier et al, "Research on the Technology of an Airplane Concept of a Stationary High-Altitude Relay Platform (SHARP)", presented at the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute for Aerospace Studies, University of Toronto, Montreal, Canada, May 1985. 6. , "The Power Relay Satellite," Plenary Lecture, 44th Congress of the International Astronautical Federation, October 16-22, 1993, Graz, Austria.

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