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This makes them ideal for the most marginalized, stubborn, unused land. The Ministry of Land and Resources carried out a detailed survey of the national reserves of arable land from 2000 to 2003. 537 million ha. 8). Reserves of arable land are concentrated in Mongolia-Xinjiang region with 52%, Loess plateau area with 12%, and northern PRC area with 10% of the national total. Reserves of arable land in the south and east are scarce. 4 presents those energy crops that are suitable for every region.

4% compared to non-project households through increased income from pig and fruit sales and reduced expenses on fertilizers, pesticides, and fuel. 5% for boiling water). Household sanitation and household health were improved due to improved cooking and sanitation facilities. Job opportunities created by biogas development mainly occur in digester unit construction and biogas-related enterprises. 5 EIRR = economic internal rate of return, FIRR = financial internal rate of return, O&M = operation and maintenance.

The project used imported foreign technology. By 20 December 2006, a second plant in Jiangsu Suqian, developed by CECIC Biomass Investment Corporation, started operation and is regarded as the first straw-fired project exclusively utilizing domestic technologies. By the end of 2007, about 25 large-scale biomass power plants with an installed capacity of more than 600 MW began operating and selling power to the grid. 2 billion annually. In addition, 2 mtce of coal will be saved and 6 million tons of CO2 emissions will be avoided, all of which will contribute to significant economic, social, and environmental benefits.

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