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By Rosemary Roberts

This revision builds at the author's paintings of the final 5 years spent constructing a software to aid mom and dad and care givers with little ones from beginning to 4 years in deprived areas.

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Self-Esteem and Early Learning

This revision builds at the author's paintings of the final 5 years spent constructing a application to aid mom and dad and care givers with teenagers from delivery to 4 years in deprived components.

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Then she said something about Joe winning yet again, and he’d better not make a fuss like that at Gran’s. Mum says she hates it when Joe’s furious and resentful, and partly what she hates are her own feelings when he’s like that. She says it makes her feel useless and 8498CH1 2/13/02 6:15 PM Page 35 ADULTS ACCEPTING BAD FEELINGS 35 unwanted and also like hurting him back, and then she feels ashamed of herself for even feeling like that. I’ve noticed that she gets extra busy when that happens, rushing about so she hasn’t got time to think.

The abrupt emergence into a world after nine months in the womb is both a liberation and a stark shock. At birth, the freedom from the confines of the womb and birth canal is combined with the new effect of the full force of gravity, so that every movement requires both less and more effort than before. Gone are the familiar sights, sounds and sensations of the months before birth; suddenly the world is vast, bright, noisy, smelly and unknown. After the loss of the womb comes a different set of life-lines involving breathing, feeding, people and places.

Then if you haven’t, they don’t want to know any more. ’ 8498CH1 2/13/02 6:15 PM 14 Page 14 SELF-ESTEEM AND EARLY LEARNING Babies and young children need to be accepted by their important people Holding From the very earliest days, babies begin to build up their own internal ability to deal with their feelings. This ability is based on a growing feeling of internal strength, or wholeness, and a child’s consciousness of being known and accepted is what helps that ability to grow (Bettelheim, 1987, pp.

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