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By Jessica Fellowes

"Come battle and peace Downton nonetheless stands and the Crawleys are nonetheless in it."

Downton Abbey is enjoyed internationally for its outstanding costumes, attractive surroundings, outstanding characters and complicated plot strains, yet what retains hundreds of thousands folks coming again time after time is the stellar caliber of the writing. With each one stroke of his pen Julian Fellowes turns out to present us with a cuttingly dry quip from the Dowager Countess, a superbly timed notice of knowledge from Mrs Patmore or a touchingly nostalgic pronouncement from Carson. the following within the The Wit and knowledge of Downton Abbey, Jessica Fellowes has collected jointly her favourite fees from the entire Downton Abbey oeuvre to take each one folks again to the main memorable moments from the convey and make sure we're armed with some of the best ripostes may still we ever have to chastise an impertinent lady's maid.

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