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My Antonia (Enriched Classics (Pocket))

ENDURING LITERATURE ILLUMINATEDBY sensible SCHOLARSHIPThe relocating portrait of an orphan boy and immigrant woman who locate complication -- and love -- at the American prairie. every one ENRICHED vintage variation INCLUDES:• A concise advent that provides readers very important history info• A chronology of the author's lifestyles and paintings• A timeline of vital occasions that offers the book's historic context• an overview of key issues and plot issues to assist readers shape their very own interpretations• exact explanatory notes• serious research, together with modern and sleek views at the paintings• dialogue inquiries to advertise energetic lecture room and booklet crew interplay• an inventory of advised comparable books and flicks to expand the reader's experienceEnriched Classics provide readers cheap versions of serious works of literature more advantageous by way of important notes and insightful remark.

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This revision builds at the author's paintings of the final 5 years spent constructing a application to aid mom and dad and care givers with little ones from delivery to 4 years in deprived components.

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You cannot mistake a Robin, with his red breast, his plump little body, and his brown wings. The mother robin's breast is not quite so red, and the young have no red at all. But when you have seen them with the cock-robin, you will soon know them by their shape. But a Chaffinch has a red breast. How can you tell him from a robin? His breast is much browner than the robin's, and even at a distance you may know him by the white bands on his dark wings, and the yellow tips to some of his feathers.

You will have to move very quietly if you want to get near the dabchick, for it dives down at the least alarm and comes up a long way off, out of sight. If you have not seen any of these web-footed birds, nor even a wild duck yet every child knows the tame Duck which lives in our farmyards.

He has caught a fly and will now sit and wait for another. SPOTTED FLY-CATCHER. Next I want you to look at a little bird which I love because he is so bright and gay. He is a Blue Tit or Tomtit, a small bird with a bright blue head and wings, and a yellow breast. He is hanging upside down on the branch of a tree watching for spiders. When he has caught one he will flutter off to another tree and get a good breakfast in a very little while. He is a very bold little bird, and in the winter you may learn to know him well, if you will give him some food.

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