Inner Harmony Retreats are a way to come home to “Ourselves”.  Our bodies are our temples, let’s begin treating them as such.  

Retreat, so as to take a good look at what we are, or aren’t doing “unconsciously”, and what we are potentially moving further and further away from, in recognizing the soul’s purpose. 

These retreats are about reevaluating the “inner” and “outer” bodies, realigning, and even reconfiguring the way we “Are” with the way we wish to “Become”.


About Inner Harmony Retreats

"Let the reaches of time that we inhabit with our ancestors and those to come, become real to us, as our birthright, and wider Home. Let us step out of the tiny, hurried compartment of time, where our culture and habits would enclose us . Let us breathe deep and ease into vaster horizons of our larger story and our true, shared being." Joanna Macy