Live Food

There will be a qualified Live Food Chef joining the team, serving up mostly organic produce.  The menu will consist of Vegetarian/ Vegan meals, with the exception of Fish and Seafood .

There will be opportunity for those who would like to help in the preparation of meals.  This is a wonderful way to visualize and participate in how it all comes together.  This way,  all mysteries about what ingredients one should choose, questions about where the food comes from, seeing what ingredients are actually being used, how the food is being prepared, and all the “whys” one can imagine, will be answered.   

Our Nutritional Intake is important, let’s get educated!


About Inner Harmony Retreats

"Let the reaches of time that we inhabit with our ancestors and those to come, become real to us, as our birthright, and wider Home. Let us step out of the tiny, hurried compartment of time, where our culture and habits would enclose us . Let us breathe deep and ease into vaster horizons of our larger story and our true, shared being." Joanna Macy