This will be an intensive introduction into Yoga, encompassing Breathing Exercises, Postural Alignment, Mantra, Visualization, Concentration, Meditation, and some Philosophy.

You will learn specifically how to enter and exit certain beginner postures (asanas) introducing a system call “Vinyasa”.  Flowing into and out of positions to allow for a stronger coordination of breath and movement.  The approach is slightly energetic, uplifting and stimulating, as each class is accompanied by inspiring music.

The Exercise Regime is based on each individuals capacity to move Cardiovascularly.  Each person will be evaluated individually.  Each activity, whether it be Jogging, Swimming, Kayaking, Cycling, Walking, or Hiking, will be tailored to suit each persons own capacity to participate without extreme struggle. This portion of the retreat is about having fun while exercising, not about “Burn out”.


About Inner Harmony Retreats

"Let the reaches of time that we inhabit with our ancestors and those to come, become real to us, as our birthright, and wider Home. Let us step out of the tiny, hurried compartment of time, where our culture and habits would enclose us . Let us breathe deep and ease into vaster horizons of our larger story and our true, shared being." Joanna Macy