Valerie Nunes is a Registered Massage Therapist and a Registered Yoga Instructor from British Columbia, Canada.

She has been practicing Integrated Healing Arts Therapies for over 25 years.

She has trained in Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Power Yoga, and is a Qualified Nutritional Consultant.

She offers Deep Tissue/ Sports Massage Therapy, with an emphasis on Myofascial and Trigger Point Release Techniques.  She has also qualifications as a Lymphatic Drainage, and Cranial Sacral specialist, and enjoys adding Energy Work, Acupressure and Thai Massage Techniques to her craft.

Valerie is constantly upgrading her skills, as her Work is indeed her passion.   She assesses each client individually, as each person is unique, and may require special attention.  She is committed to helping individuals pursue their goals in the realms of offering the body greater freedom from fascial and trigger point restricitons, emotional blockages, losing weight, exercising, decreasing stress levels, eating more healthily, building stronger, more flexible bodies, breath control, and in quieting the mind.

She is a life long Vedanta student of Swami Vagishananda, student of Swami Dayananda.  She travels to Bali annually to absorb the Live Teachings of this timeless oral tradition.

Valerie has studied Native American Medicine Wheel teachings with a Native Elder and is also a Shamanic apprentice, and Mesa Carrier of the The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition.  Valerie travels to Peru and through North America regularly working with her Maestros (tras) and Master Plants learning the teachings and healing modalities that the essence of these plants have to offer.

Valerie is passionate about sharing relevant, practical skills and ceremonial practices of remembering and releasing, reweaving and renewing to assist in restoring and amplifying our personal light, so as to Offer relief and guidance and a pathway toward a life grounded in larger vision, balance, personal power and peace.

One’s whole body, mind, spirit and emotional paradigm is re-evaluated, as inevitable shifts occur during each retreat.

Valerie welcomes couples to join in this remarkable experience, as this becomes a platform for powerful healing and growth to occur.  People of all ages, and levels of fitness are welcome regardless of gender.


About Inner Harmony Retreats

"Let the reaches of time that we inhabit with our ancestors and those to come, become real to us, as our birthright, and wider Home. Let us step out of the tiny, hurried compartment of time, where our culture and habits would enclose us . Let us breathe deep and ease into vaster horizons of our larger story and our true, shared being." Joanna Macy